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Wired brings the Bills together for this special issue on social change:

Photos by Nadav Kander:

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viae Magazine Winter 2013/14

The winter edition of the magazine for the holiday region Valle Isarco in South Tyrol / Italy. The mag reports about the Dolomiti ski resort Plose, the Christmas market in Vipiteno, the most popular white wines, the young two-star chef Martin Obermarzoner and the rediscovered fashion material Loden. The magazine is published as Italian and German edition.

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Jo vull ser un Pink Floyd, el retrat d’una generació
Disseny i maquetació de Jo vull ser un Pink Floyd, el retrat d’una generació de Marta Ortoneda. Aquest projecte consta de dues publicacions, la tesina en blanc i negre i el catàleg a color (2013).
Design and layout of Jo vull ser un Pink Floyd, el retrat d’una generació by Marta Ortoneda. This graphic design project have two publications, one in black and white of the thesis and the catalogue in color (2013).

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HAMBURG BISTRO MENU renuwal 홍대 함박식당 메뉴판 리뉴얼

스노300 양면무광 오시

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cliopatra CLIO BOX

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